The Wood Badge program is a method of training adult leaders which would ensure the success of Scouting program.


A leather turk's head slide, called Gilwell Woggle is awarded to candidate who successful completion of Part I Wood Badge program and a pair of beads braided with a leather thong, the parchment and a Gilwell scarf for completion of Part II Wood Badge program.

Gilwell Woggle
Wood Badge (Beads with Thong)
Gilwell Scarf (with MacLaren tartan)
Leather Braiding

Both Gilwell Woggle and Wood Badge leather thong are related to knot braiding, hence, we are dicussing how a Gilwellian braids the thongs.

The Gilwell Woggle is a three-part four-bight turk's head. One should received an already made Gilwell Woggle upon successful completion of Part I program. It is no means to destruct a Gilwell Woggle and rebraid it unless you want to made another unofficial one, and, or to made a troop/unit woggle with some other material.

he Wood Badge thong, usally, is tied up with a simple overhand knot when present in the ceremony. The Gilwellian then braids the leather thong with fancy knots and stoppers. In 18th World Jamboree 1995 at Holland, I met a Scouter who worn his Wood Badge braided with three diamond turk's heads on a same thong around his neck. This is only an example of all the decorative thongs.

The simple Turk's Head Woggle

I was told a Scout should know how to make himself a woggle when I was a Patrol Leader, especially a patrol woggle if wanted. The following picture is a clearly guide contains detailed illustrations and sequence of techiques that leds to braid a three-part four-bight turk's head woggle by using your fingers as the basic tool:



The 2 Thongs Turk's Head

A pair of Wooden beads tied with a leather thong awarded to Scouters on completion of Part II Wood Badge program.

Usally, the thong braid is a simple overhand knot when one received. The following pictures are the knots commonly used by Gilwellian in tying the ends of their Wood Badge thong together, ways to secure the beads.

(1) A common overhand knot
(2) Simple two-bight turk's
head braid
(3) Diamond four-bight turk's
head braid, begin with a
carrick bend
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